Wooden Shoe Shine Valet Boxes

The Tapir shoe shine valet box not only looks good, it is also a real piece of furniture thanks to its independent design. In this way, form and function combine to create something special. The carrying handle, which is modelled on a shoe, immediately shows what is in the box, everything needed for shoe and leather care.

It doesn’t get any more practical than this.

So everything finds its place, whether brush, cleaning cloths or care products. Under the flaps or in the drawer everything is in order, well sorted and immediately at hand. And when polishing with the brush, simply place your shod foot on the handle and you’re ready to go in comfort.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

You will enjoy the high-quality workmanship in carpentry quality and elaborate handwork for a long time. Local beech wood protected with linseed oil varnish guarantees ecological sustainability. Handmade in Germany at a fair price.

Small cleaning box:
Basic size 30 x 30 cm with the lid overhang 32 x 30 cm,

Height: highest height incl. handle: 23 cm
– Large storage space divided 1 x centre, 1 side 2 compartments

Inner dimension: 27.5 cm Height 8-12 cm

Big cleaning box:
Basic size 32 x 32 cm with the lid overhang 34 x 32 cm,

Height: highest height incl. Handle: 30 cm

Interior layout dimension:
1 drawer: internal dimensions 6.5 cm high, 27 cm wide 17 cm deep
1 slanted brush compartment 29.5×18.5 (1 x divided) Height 7-11 cm
1 high slanted compartment for bottles etc. 29×9.5 cm height 15-20 cm


Includes 19% USt.

High quality shoe shine box as a practical shoe care storage. Handmade in Germany.

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Includes 19% USt.

The practical shoe shine box for your care products. Handmade in Germany