Natural leather care – consistently ecological

Leather needs care!

Tapir offers suitable and gentle care products for almost all leathers. Whether classic shoe polish for smooth leather, tried and tested leather oil for your leather sofa, traditional leather and saddle soap for your riding boots or leather sole care for fine men’s shoes or dance shoes. But also leather grease for the hiking boots or suede impregnation for the soft winter boot!

With Tapir leather care products you care for your leather gently and naturally. As different as leather may be, we can help maintain your good leather when caring for high quality leather so you can use your favourite piece for a long time. Our entire shoe and leather care range is certified with the NCP seal and thus guarantees sustainability all along the line.

Leather and Saddle Soap

For cleaning smooth leather we recommend our leather and saddle soap.

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Leather care polish

For regular care of smooth leather.

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Leather balm

The Tapir Leather Balm is a strong shining shoe polish for smooth leather shoes, water-repellent and slightly re-lubricating.

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Tapir leather sole care is an impregnating care for leather soles.

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Leather grease

Tapir Leather Grease is for heavily used leather and ensures the ideal wetness protection.

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Leather oil

Tapir Leather Oil is mildly cleaning, slightly greasing and water repellent.

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Leather waterproofing

Tapir waterproofing for suede, nubuck and suede shoes is highly water repellent and has a light cleaning effect.

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leather care

Tapir Leather Care is a particularly mild care for fine smooth leather shoes, leather bags or braided leather, slightly refatting and shining.

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