Leather and Saddle Soap

A natural, mild soap for cleaning smooth leather, whether leather shoes, leather boots, leather saddles, leather furniture or bags. The foam produced from the time-honoured tin can creates a wonderful cleansing and nourishing result. The soap is made from selected natural and renewable raw materials and, like our entire range, is certified according to the NCP standard.


Pick up the leather soap with a damp sponge and apply to the surface of the leather. The resulting foam is used to wipe the soiled leather furniture surfaces. The dirt in the leather is loosened and absorbed by the sponge. Rub off the foam with a clean sponge. Continue the cleaning process until the desired result is achieved. Allow the shoe or leather to dry and polish with a Tapir polishing cloth or a Tapir shine brush. Then care for the leather with Tapir’s leather oil, leather grease or leather care polish, depending on the product.

Tapir Leather and Saddle Soap

Product features:

  • for cleaning smooth leather
  • for cleaning shoes, bags and leather furniture
  • from natural raw materials
  • NCPcertification
  • Handmade in Germany
  • 200 ml tin can