Natural raw materials – sustainably certified

You will find far more than 20 different natural raw materials from all over the world in our warehouse. We need fine waxes, high-quality oils and fats, pleasant smelling distillates and finely ground color pigments in order to guarantee the optimum of our self-developed recipes.

Among them are regional ones – such as beeswax or linseed and rapeseed oils – as well as exotic ones, such as shellac wax or candellila wax. Besides well-known ones such as carnauba wax and jojoba oil, we have also discovered new ones such as sugar cane wax or poppy seed oil. Where possible, we rely on organic cultivation and resource-saving processing. Because only the very best raw material qualities guarantee the very best care properties.


Origin: Germany
Characteristic:soft wax, 


Shellac wax

Origin: India
Characteristic: hard wax, glossy, high retention capacity for solvents, tree resin secretions



Origin: South America, Brazil, from organic farming
Eigenschaft:South America, Brazil, from organic farming  

Candelilla wax

Origin: Central America
Property:hard wax, shiny, grass wax (wild growing)



Jojoba oil

Origin: North America, from controlled organic cultivation
Property:chemically actually a wax; regreases, deep care, keeps leather supple, is extracted from the jojoba shrub


Linseed oil

Origin: Europe, from controlled organic cultivation
Property:drying and hardening oil for wood care as well as leather sole care, obtained from linseed.

Orange terpenes

Origin: South America, USA
Characteristic:natural, fragrant solvent for waxes, cleans, 
Distillation product from orange peel

Vegetable stearin

Origin: Philippines
Characteristic: impregnated, fatty palm product of coconut oil or or palm oil.



Origin: Germany
Characteristic: impregnated, sheep’s wool fat / wool wax (pesticide-free)


Castor oil

Origin: India, from controlled organic cultivation
Property: Deep care, pressed from castor seeds,


Rapeseed oil

Origin: Germany, from controlled organic cultivation
Property: Deep care, derived from rapeseed


Coconut oil

Origin:Phillipines, from controlled organic cultivation
Characteristic: impregnated, greasy



Sunflower oil fatty acid

Origin: Southern Europe
Property: Fatty acids from sunflower oil, 


Poppy seed oil

Origin: Europe
Characteristic: protects, drying


Sugar cane wax

Origin: India