Your contact persons at Tapir

You want to know more about our raw materials, have questions about product applications, would like to make suggestions or have new ideas for us?

That’s what we’re here for and we look forward to your feedback.

Bodo Rengshausen-Fischbach
Managing Director

Tel. +49(0)5562-940213

Heike Fischbach
Product Management

Tel. +49(0)5562-940212

mobil. +49 (0)171-4168758

Kerstin Von der Ahe
Purchasing & Sales


Tel. +49(0)152-56176488

Elke Habermann


Tel. +49(0)5562-940230

Moritz Fischbach

Tel. +49(0)5562-940217

Hubert Potthast

Tel. +49(0)5562-940210

Björn Washausen
Quality management

Tel. +49(0)5562-940219

Christine Fischbach
Marketing and project management

Tel. +49 (0) 5562 940218

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